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ESL Student Resources

This site has links for language skills (under the heading: Skill); areas of special interest (under the heading Topic); and academic research using the Internet (under the heading: Study). A very useful site.

50 Ways to Improve Your Intercultural Skills

Bob Dignen James Chamberlain , Summertown Publishing Ltd , 2009
Designed to help you communicate more effectively when doing business across cultures.

A Dictionary of Contemporary World History: From 1900 to the present day

Jan Palmowski , Oxford University Press , 2008
This authoritative dictionary provides in-depth coverage of major recent historical events, from 1900 to the present day. It includes country entries for every country in the world, with maps and historical summaries.

A History of British Art

Andrew Graham-Dixon , BBC Books , 1996
This book tells the story of art in Britain since the Middle Ages. It shows how the British are a deeply visual people, making and breaking images through the centuries to strengthen their hopes and hatreds and, occasionally, to reveal themselves as they really are.

A History of Reading

Alberto Manguel , HarperCollins Publishers , 1996
This history of reading discusses all aspects associated with the act, including how we read, the first kinds of reading materials and the development of books, and how books are written, translated, and enjoyed.

A Short Account of the History of Mathematics

W.W. Rouse Ball , Dover Publications , 1960
This is a new printing of one of the honored histories of mathematics of all time. When the last revised edition appeared in 1908, it was hailed by mathematicians and laymen alike, and it remains one of the clearest, most authoritative and most accurate works in the field.

A World History of Art

Hugh Honour & John Fleming , Laurence King Publishing , 2009
For over a quarter of a century this art historical tour de force has consistently proved the classic introduction to humankind's artistic heritage. From our Paleolithic past to our digitized present, every continent and culture is covered in an articulate and well-balanced discussion - a broad and epic canvas that omits none of the fine detail.

A-Level General Studies

Davies, G. & Little, E. , Longman , 2001
Written specifically for Edexcel's AS/A Level General Studies specification, this one-volume text provides you with an AS/A Level General Studies course that is easy to implement. It also offers an easy way to identify, record and assess each Key Skill.

Alien Empire

Christopher O'Toole , BBC Books , 1995
This book, and the television series it accompanies, open the doors into a world that we have never seen. We discover the design miracle of insects' bodies; their sophisticated communication systems; their fast and furious reproductive systems, and much more about their strange structures and lives. As this book shows, in their looks and behaviour, insects are as close to an alien lifeform as any we are likely to find in the stars

An A-Z of British Life

Adrian Room , Oxford University Press , 1990
This book gives up-to-date information on all aspects of British life and institutions. It explains everything that other nationalities find interesting, amusing, puzzling or even frustrating about Britain and the British

Basic Skills You Need

H.M. Dobinson , Nelson , 1985
This book was designed to help students prepare for leaving school, and to acquire a wide range of adult skills that will prove useful at home, at work, or on a training scheme

BBC Essential English Guide To Britain

Bob Maisden , BBC Books , 1990
Simple and and essential phrases any traveller to Britain can learn.

Britain - The Country and its People: An Introduction for Learners of English

James O'Driscoll , Oxford University Press , 1995
This book is aimed at intermediate and advanced learners of English who want to know more about Britain and the British

Britain Explored

Paul Harvey Rhodri Jones , Longman , 2002
Comprehension questions help students to examine the information closely and draw their own conclusions about key issues End of unit interviews, in which speakers talk about their own varied experiences of life in Britain.

Britain in Close-Up: Second Edition

David McDowall , Pearson , 1999
This book is an in-depth study of the public and private faces of contemporary Britain, and thoroughly examines the changes and challenges the nation faces as it enters the 21st century

Cambridge English for Job-hunting

Colm Downes , Cambridge University Press , 2008
"Cambridge English for Job-hunting" is for upper-intermediate to advanced level learners of English who need to use English during the job application process. The course can be used in the classroom or for self-study. Ideal for working professionals and those new to the world of employment, the course develops the specialist language knowledge and communication skills that job-seekers need to apply for and secure jobs.

Complex Analysis

Ian Stewart & David Tall , Cambridge University Press , 1983
This is a very successful textbook for undergraduate students of pure mathematics. Students often find the subject of complex analysis very difficult. Here the authors, who are experienced and well-known expositors, avoid many of such difficulties by using two principles: (1) generalising concepts familiar from real analysis; (2) adopting an approach which exhibits and makes use of the rich geometrical structure of the subject. An opening chapter provides a brief history of complex analysis which sets it in context and provides motivation.

Culture File

Education First , Signum International , 2008
Culture File: UK is a cultural awarness course.

Dictionary of Britain - An A-Z of the British way of life

Adrian Room , Oxford University Press , 1986
This book gives up-to-date information on all aspects of British life and institutions. It explains everything that other nationalities find interesting, amusing or puzzling about Britain and the British

Discover Britain's Historic Houses - Yorkshire

Simon Jenkins , Reader's Digest Ltd , 2005
Yorkshire covers a vast area and its varied landscapes, towns and cities hold many treasures to be discovered. In this book, 92 of the most impressive, interesting or unusual dwellings - from Castle Howard and magnificent Harewood to Wilberforce House in Hull and the Brontë parsonage at Haworth

Earth Sciences

Christopher St. J. Yates , Cassel Publishers Ltd , 1988
This book is designed to introduce the student to the contents of Earth sciences, providing examples of authentic texts written in the language typical of the subject, allowing the student to practise the skills needed in order to study the subject in English

Encyclopedia of Britain

Bamber Gascoigne , Macmillan , 1994
Concentrates on 6000 subjects from the conscious memory of living inhabitants of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The book includes facts about history, politicians, pop musicians and business leaders, sports, literature, art, scandal, disasters, battles and current affairs

England's Heritage

Derry Brabbs , English Heritage , 2001
England's rich and turbulent history has left a powerful legacy in its buildings and monuments, pageantry and landscape. From castles to cathedrals, stately homes to battlefields, England's past is an essential part of the country we inhabit today. Using the unique archives and authority of English Heritage, this book brings the nation's history vividly to life

English for Banking & Finance

Rosemary Richey , Pearson , 2011
"English for Banking & Finance" is designed for students in education and for company employees in training for work. Written by industry practitioners, it combines a strong grammar syllabus with the specialist vocabulary and skills that learners need to succeed in their chosen field.

English for Information Technology

Maja Olejniczak , Pearson , 2011
"English for Information Technology" is designed for students in education and for company employees in training for work. Written by industry practitioners, it combines a strong grammar syllabus with the specialist vocabulary and skills that learners need to succeed in their chosen field.

English for IT and the Internet

Lesley Gourlay, Paul Hullock , Thompson ELT , 2006
A Practical guide to the language you need to operate efficiently in the world of information technology.