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A Handbook of Commercial Correspondence

A. Ashley , Oxford University Press
This book is a comprehensive guide and reference for students and professional people. It contains topics and examples relating to banking, insurance and personnel, and also includes guidance on commercial communications such as telex, invoices and email messages.


Jonathan Mantle , Pearson Education Ltd
This book tells the remarkable story of the Benetton family and the business empire they have built. It is a story of hard work and risk-taking as this Italian family became the international success it is today

Best Practice - Upper Intermediate

Mascull, B. & Comfort, J. , Heinle ELT , 2007
Best Practice is a four-level business English series designed for both pre-work and in-work students. Its topic-based modules train students in the skills needed to communicate in the professional and personal sides of modern business life.

Book 1: What Is Business?: Bk. 1

D. Preston, G. Watson, and M. Fryer , Open University Worldwide , 2007
This book provides an introduction to some of the key influences affecting different business organisations such as culture, structure, ethics and the external environment. It provides an overview of the different functions within a business and how they work together and offers an insight into some of the issues facing small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Book 2 : An Introduction to Human Resource Management in Business: Bk. 2

D. Preston , Open University Worldwide , 2007
This book introduces managing people and the role of the human resource management (HRM) function within business. In addition to discussing some of the main HRM activities such as recruitment, job design and managing performance, it also tackles the more fundamental issue for businesses of why people might want to go to work in the first place.

Book 3: An Introduction to Accounting and Finance in Business: Bk. 3

J. Day, L.D. Preston, and G. Watson , Open University Worldwide , 2006
This book provides an introduction to accounting and financial management in business and looks at why the raising of funds and the management of financial resources is crucial to business success.

Book 4: An Introduction to Marketing in Business: Bk. 4

A. Schaefer , Open University Worldwide , 2006
This book is an introduction to marketing. It covers some of the key concepts in marketing such as the marketing mix and relationship marketing but also looks at what is marketing, why business needs it, whom are its stakeholders and how marketing can affect both society and the natural environment.

Book 5: Different Ways of Looking at Business: Bk. 5

K. Ball, D. Watson, G. Myers, and A. Schaefer , Open University Worldwide , 2006
This book introduces some different ways of thinking about business. The development of business ideas, power and globablisation are all used as perspectives on business. The intention is to encourage readers to start questioning some of the established \'truths\' about what a business is.

Build Your Business Vocabulary

John Flower , Language Teaching Publications , 1990
This book teaches more than 1000 words and phrases in a wide range of business contexts. The graded exercises and careful choice of words and topics encourage efficient vocabulary extension.
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  • Business
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  • B1 B2 C1

Business English Handbook - Advanced

Paul Emmerson , Macmillan , 2007
Business English is a comprehensive self-study and reference book of business language for learners of English at an upper-intermediate or advanced level.
  • 9781405086059 5987
  • Business
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  • B2 C1 C2

Business Idioms International

Christopher Goddard , Phoenix ELT , 1994
This book is suitable as a reference and practice book for intermediate to advanced learners of business English. Includes 350 idiomatic expressions commonly used in business, as well as reference sections in which the idioms are put in context
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  • Business
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  • B2 C1 C2

Business Management English - Finance

Jeremy Comfort & Nick Brieger , Prentice Hall International , 1998
This book is aimed at practising managers and students on MBA and other business courses.
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  • Business
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  • B2 C1 C2

Business Management English - Marketing

Jeremy Comfort & Nick Brieger , Prentice Hall International , 1992
This book is aimed at practising managers and students on MBA and other business courses.

Business Management English - Personnel

Jeremy Comfort & Nick Brieger , Prentice Hall International , 1992
This book is aimed at practising managers and students on MBA and other business courses.

Business Objectives - Students' Book

Hollett, V. , Oxford University Press
Business Objectives is a course for managers or students of business who have reached a lower intermediate level of English.

Business Opportunities - Workbook

Vicki Hollett & Michael Duckworth , Oxford University Press , 1994
This book is based on a comprehensive language syllabus which is developed in the context of everyday business functions. Its 14 units provide opportunities for practising the language of a range of specific and general professional situations

Business Vocabulary in Use

Mascull, B. , Cambridge University Press , 2002
Business Vocabulary in Use' is aimed at intermediate level learners of business English as a self-study reference and practice book. It covers business topics such as Jobs, People and Organisations, Production, Marketing, Finance and the Economy, Business Culture and more. The 66 units in the book are designed to help learners develop essential business communication skills, focusing on the language used for Meetings, Negotiations and Presentations. Vocabulary items are presented and explained in context on left-hand pages with a range of practice exercises on right-hand pages. The book also contains a comprehensive, learner-friendly answer key.

Business Vocabulary in Use - Advanced

Bill Mascull , Cambridge University Press , 2007
This book is suitable for Upper intermediate and Advanced level learners of Business English. Primarily designed as a self-study reference and practice book.

Check Your Vocabulary for Business - A Workbook for Users - Third Edition

David Riley , Peter Collin Publishing Ltd , 2003
The 'Check Your Vocabulary for Business' workbook has been designed to help students learning English for business to revise and improve their vocabulary. The book is ideal for self-study: easy to use with clear instructions and a quick-reference contents page. Word games, puzzles, quizzes and crosswords provide further practice and reinforcement of business vocabulary.

Collins Cobuild Business Vocabulary in Practice

Sue Robbins , Collins Cobuild , 2006
Key Business terms and vocabulary explained in full. Coverage of vocabulary for main Business English Examinations. Real texts from authentic sources. Suitable for self study and classroom use.
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  • Business
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  • B2 C1 C2

Competing for the Future

Gary Hamel & C.K. Prahalad , Harvard Business School Press , 1994
This book offers a masterful blueprint for what a company must be doing today if it is to occupy the competitive high ground of tomorrow

Competitive Strategy - Techniques for Analysing Industries and Competitors

Michael E. Porter , The Free Press , 1980
This book presents a comprehensive framework of analytical techniques to help a firm analyse its industry and predict its future evolution, to understand its competitors and its own position, and to translate this analysis into a competitive strategy for a particular business

English for Banking in Higher Education Studies:Course Book and Audio CDs

Marie McClisky , Garnet , 2008
English for Banking is a skills-based course designed specificially for students of banking who are about to enter English-medium tertiary level studies. (Please ask at Reception for CD)
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  • Business
  • 2 copies
  • B2 C1 C2

English for Business Studies in Higher Education: Course Book and Audio CDs

Carolyn Walker , Garnet , 2008
English for Business Sudies is a skills-based course designed specificially for students of management studies who are about to enter English-medium tertiary level studies. (Please ask at Reception for CD)
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  • Business
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  • B2 C1 C2

English for the Financial Sector - Students Book

Ian MacKenzie , Cambridge University Press , 2008
The book covers a wide range of topics and practices the skills essential to operating successfully in the finacial Industry. It is suitable for students with an intermediatge or upper-intermediate level of English and provides approximately 50 hours of classroom material.

Fifty Ways to Improve Your Business English

Ken Taylor , Summertown Publishing , 2006
This book provides a range of quick and easy ways to improve your business English skills. It is a self-help manual for business people.

Financial Markets and Institutions

Peter Howells Keith Bain , Pearson Education Ltd , 2007
Financial Markets and Instituutions is appropriate for a wide range of courses in money, banking and finance

Fundamentals of Financial Management

Eugene F. Brigham & Joel F. Houston , South Western College Publishing , 2004
This popular book is intended for use in an introductory finance course, covering all the basics as well as the latest developments in the fields of finance, education and publishing

Goldman Sachs - The Culture of Success

Lisa Endlich , Pearson Education Ltd , 2000
Goldman Sachs is one of the great financial success stories of the twentieth century. This book is an insider's guide to the firm's real power - its culture and people

In Company - Intermediate

Mark Powell , Macmillan , 2002
In Company has edtablished itself as the English course for professionals because of its immediate results through topic- based content, active skills, and real world tasks that are instantly relevant to everyday business life.