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Mike Rudin
On the eve of the tenth anniversary of the Iraq War, Panorama reveals how key aspects of the secret intelligence used by Downing Street and the White House to justify the invasion were based on fabrication, wishful thinking and lies. Peter Taylor tracks down some of those responsible and reports on the remarkable story of how, in the months before the war, two highly-placed sources - close to Saddam Hussein - talked secretly to the CIA and MI6.
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Aggressive tax avoidance was branded "morally repugnant" by the chancellor in the last budget. But what does he mean? Panorama investigates how some of the UK's most famous companies have been using a tax haven at the heart of Europe to save millions in tax.
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With British soldiers dying in record numbers and the country arguing over the wisdom of the war, Jane Corbin travels across Afghanistan to ask if the British presence has made the lives of Afghan women any better, which was one of the justifications for going to war in the first place.
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When we want to fight plans to build a waste dump in our back yard, we take to the streets in protest. But what if that results in the police filming and searching us, noting down our car registrations and keeping our details on file for up to seven years? Panorama asks if police tactics aimed at preventing troublemakers taking over demonstrations are eroding the freedom to protest for all but the most hardened activists.
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Panorama investigates the horse meat scandal and reveals ever growing concerns about what is really in our food. With industry insiders saying shoppers should prepare themselves for more uncomfortable truths, Richard Bilton asks whether 'light touch' regulation of the food industry has left the stable door open to the cowboys
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For the past forty years, northerners John and Pauline Prescott have led a double life, spending almost as much time down south as at home in Hull. It has given this unique double act a revealing insight into the differences which divide the North and South of England today.
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This four-part series is made by Norma Percy and the team at Brook Lapping with a track record for getting behind closed doors with multi-award-winning series like The Death of Yugoslavia, The Second Russian Revolution, and Iran and the West. For the first time Putin's top colleagues - and the Western statesmen who eventually clashed with him - tell the inside story of one of the world's most powerful men.
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In a two-part series, Nel Hedayat meets the young rebels of the Arab spring and witnesses a new wave of violence breaking out around them. She gets caught up in rioting in Egypt and Bahrain and finds out from the people on the streets what they are living through a year after the first revolutions.
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In the second of two films, Nel Hedayat meets the young rebels of the two countries which have suffered the worst violence of the Arab spring. In Libya she meets heavily-armed militias asserting their power, before travelling to the Syrian border in search of first-hand accounts of the horror unfolding beyond.
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As the debate over Scottish independence hots up, Robert Peston asks the big question which is at the heart of it: would Scotland be richer or poorer as an independent nation?
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Channel 4
Jon Snow presents a forensic investigation into the final weeks of the quarter-century-long civil war between the government of Sri Lanka and the secessionist rebels, the Tamil Tigers.
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Channel 4
In 2011 Channel 4 exposed damning evidence of atrocities committed in the war in Sri Lanka. Jon Snow presents this powerful follow-up film, revealing new video evidence as well as contemporaneous documents, eye-witness accounts, photographic stills and videos relating to how exactly events unfolded during the final days of the civil war.
civil warconflicthistorypoliticspublic policysri lankatamil tigersviolencewar
Channel 4
The world's most famous living scientist talks exclusively about the NHS, which, he believes, is the reason he has survived for more than 50 years since he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease and given two to three years to live. And he warns against allowing commercial interests to privatise it.
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Sundance award-winning documentary which tells the compelling story of how a group of young, feminist punk rockers known as Pussy Riot captured the world's attention by protesting against Putin's Russia. Through first-hand interviews with band members, their families and the defence team, and exclusive footage of the trial, it highlights the forces that transformed these women from playful political activists to modern-day icons.
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Annalisa Piras Bill Emmott
Through case studies of citizens in different countries, this film explores a range of factors that have led to the present crisis facing Europe, economic and identity challenges. See also : The Great European Disaster Movie: Newsnight Debate
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Judith Ehrlich Judith Ehrlich
In 1971, leading Vietnam War strategist Daniel Ellsberg concluded that the war was based on decades of lies. He leaked 7,000 pages of top-secret documents to the New York Times, a daring act of conscience that led directly to Watergate, President Nixon's resignation and the end of the Vietnam War.
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Steve James
Documentary which tells the surprising story of three dedicated individuals who try to protect their Chicago communities from the violence they themselves once perpetrated. These 'interrupters' intervene in conflicts before the incidents explode into violence.
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