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Seyi Rhodes
This Unreported World comes from Sierra Leone where, ten years after one of the most brutal conflicts in recent history, thousands have been left severely traumatised. Reporter Seyi Rhodes and director George Waldrum find that the population, which has witnessed rape, torture and public executions, is served by just one psychiatrist.
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Channel 4
Reporter Seyi Rhodes and director Wael Dabbous travel with a local midwife into the jungles of the Central African Republic (CAR) where, after heavy fighting, rebels have overthrown the government and medical teams can reach areas that have been inaccessible for years.
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Channel 4
Mogadishu is one of the most dangerous cities on earth. Unreported World meets the remarkable British Somali man who has mortgaged his life in London and left his family behind to set up a chain of restaurants in the Somali capital. Cooking is his contribution to the peace process in this war-torn country.
Ramita Navai
Unreported World travels to Turkey to investigate honour killings, which have now reached record levels with more than 200 girls and women killed in the past year alone. The programme highlights a chilling new development in which a new law outlawing honour killings may have led to a huge increase in girls being forced to commit suicide instead.
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Channel Four
Unreported World reports from the Sonora desert in Northern Mexico. Hot, waterless and full of rattlesnakes, it's crossed every day by thousands of migrants desperate to reach the USA - many of whom die a lonely death trying to fulfill their dream of a better life.
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Channel 4
Reporter Kiki King and director James Brabazon travel to Caracas, the kidnap capital of the world. With exclusive access to the Venezuelan police force's elite Anti-Kidnap Squad, Unreported World follows officers as they fight back against the kidnap gangs with a mixture of brute force and technical ingenuity.
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More 4
Reporter Peter Oborne and Director Alex Nott travel to the Afghan capital to find a city under siege, with suicide bombings, shootings and kidnappings on the increase. As Kabul spirals into the type of violence and chaos that tore apart Baghdad, Unreported World goes beyond the politicians to reveal what everyday life is like for ordinary people imprisoned in the city.
John Pilger
BAFTA award-winning director John Pilger presents a documentary detailing the plight of the Aboriginal population in Australia's poorest region, Utopia.
Britain is a less equal society than at any time since World War One. In Who Gets the Best Jobs, Richard Bilton investigates access to the professions - and finds that the best jobs are being snapped up by an increasingly small gene pool
Weijun Chen
What does an education get you? Education is the only way out of poverty, as it has been sold to the Chinese population since ancient times. China's economic boom and talk of the merits of hard work have created an expectation that studying is how to escape poverty. Yet it seems the system only leads to jobs for a few, and debt for all.
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130 million babies are born each year, but the circumstances and country of their birth will determine their life story. Brian Hill travels from the UK to America, Cambodia and Sierra Leone to reveal the shocking lottery of child birth across the globe.
740 Park Avenue - an exclusive apartment building in Manhattan - is currently home to more billionaires than any other building in the United States. Less than five miles to the north is another Park Avenue in the South Bronx, where almost 40 per cent live in poverty and life prospects are less promising for those stuck at the bottom of the American pile.
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Solar Mamas follows the remarkable story of Rafea, a mother-of-four from Jordan who challenges the status quo of her traditional marriage by travelling to India to train as a solar engineer for six months. Along with 27 other mothers and grandmothers from poor communities around the world - many of whom are illiterate - she will learn the skills needed to bring electricity and light back to her village.
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Ruschlikon is a village in Switzerland with a very low tax rate and very wealthy residents. There is so much money in the public coffers that mayor can't spend it all, largely thanks to the contribution from one resident - Ivan Glasenberg, CEO of commodities giant Glencore. However, Glencore's copper mines in Zambia don't generate similar tax windfalls for Zambians.
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75 per cent of Mali's population are farmers, but rich land-hungry nations like China and Saudi Arabia are leasing Mali's land in order to turn large areas into agri-business farms. Many Malian peasants do not welcome these efforts, seeing them as yet another manifestation of imperialism.
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