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Anthony Thomas
The story of Neda Agha Soltan, the young Iranian woman shot dead in Tehran in 2009 - who she was, why she became a powerful symbol and what she was fighting for.
activismcampaigninghuman rightsiranpoliticspublic policy
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Henry Kissinger has done more than any other individual to shape the foreign policy of the United States, both during his time as Secretary of State, and afterwards, as he continued to advise successive presidents and governments around the world.Over a p
henry kissingerhistorypoliticspublic policyusa
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The story of Sampat Pal, who fights to defend lower caste Indian women from domestic abuse and social injustice, which in many cases is perpetrated by their husbands' families.
activismasiacampaigningcaste societygender equalityindiasocietywomenwomen's rights
Lucinda Broadbent
This True Stories documentary unravels the tangled tale of Venezuela's oil industry, which was taken into state control by President Hugo Chavez in 2002.
chavezhugo chavezlatin americaoilpoliticspublic policysocialismsouth americavenezuela
Nick Broomfield
Award-winning director Nick Broomfield battles the snows of Alaska in mid-winter, to find the school friends, family and Republican colleagues that in previous days gave their heart, soul and belief to charismatic, charming, intoxicating ex-hockey mum Sarah Palin.
alaskapoliticspublic policysarah palintea partyusa
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Simeon II was declared Tsar of Bulgaria at the age of six, but ousted and banished aged nine by the Communist dictatorship, only to return triumphantly 55 years later in 2001 as Prime Minister, in an unprecedented journey from boy king to democratic leader.
bulgariacommunismdemocracyeastern europehistorymonarchypoliticspublic policyroyalty
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The Pipe meets members of a small community in a remote corner of Ireland resisting Shell Oil's attempts to lay a gas pipeline across their farmland.
corporationsenergyenergy policyenvironmentenvironmental justiceenvironmental studiesoilpoliticspublic policy
Channel Four
It ran on electricity, produced no emissions and catapulted American technology to the forefront of the automotive industry. The lucky few who drove it never wanted to give it up. So why did General Motors crush its fleet of EV1 electric vehicles into landfill sites in the obscurity of the Arizona desert?
automotive industrycaliforniacarsclimate changeenergyenergy policyenvironmentenvironmental studiesenvironmental sustainabilityhistorynorth americaoilpoliticspublic policyusa
Patrick Forbes
This documentary presents the definitive account of the ‘wiki-saga', featuring the first major television interview with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.
bradley manningchelsea manninginformationjournalismjulian assangemediapoliticspublic policytechnologywhistle-blowerswikileaks
Channel 4
As the US prepares to withdraw from Iraq, reporter Evan Williams and director Matt Haan travel to the most dangerous part of the country and find increasing religious, ethnic and political violence in this oil-rich region threatening to spill into bloody civil war once the troops leave.
civil warconflictiraqreligionviolencewar
Channel 4
Unreported World travels to Malawi to reveal that children as young as three are being illegally employed to produce tobacco, much of it destined to be consumed by British smokers. Malawi's children suffer health problems from handling tobacco and some are trapped in bonded labour arrangements, leaving them unable to escape. Little seems to be being done to protect their health and wellbeing.
africachild labourchildrenchildren's rightscorruptiondevelopmentglobalizationhealthmalawipovertypublic healthpublic policysmokingtobacco
Channel 4
Unreported World descends deep underground into Bolivia's silver mines to find boys as young as 13 working long hours in deadly conditions. The thick dust and poisonous gases in the mines mean the children face the near-certainty of crippling lung disease and a life expectancy of little more than 35 years.
boliviacerro ricochildrenchildren's rightshealthlatin americaminingpoliticspotosipovertypublic healthpublic policysouth america
Channel 4
In the Sinai desert, thousands of African immigrants fleeing conscription, torture and conflict in East Africa risk being shot by border guards and held ransom by people smugglers as they try to get to Israel. The director Paul Kittel and his reporter arrive in the Sinai desert in north-east Egypt just over a month after the revolution that toppled the regime of Hosni Mubarak. Smuggling from Egypt to Israel has gone on for years, but now the smugglers are focused on people rather than goods.
africaarab springbedouinegypteritreahuman traffickingisraelmiddle eastpoliticspublic policyrefugeessinaismuggling
Channel 4
Unreported World meets remarkable people fighting back against leprosy in India, where millions affected by the disease are pushed to the margins of society, ostracised by their friends and families. Based on targets set by the World Health Organization, the Indian government claims it has eliminated leprosy. However Unreported World reveals the numbers of new cases in some areas could be much higher than previously estimated.
asiadiseasehealthindialeprosymedicinepovertypublic healthpublic policysociety
Channel 4
Unreported World reveals shocking evidence that Burmese refugees fleeing the country's brutal military regime are being detained and then allegedly sold by Malaysian immigration officials to Thai human traffickers.
asiaburmachild traffickinghuman rightshuman traffickingmalaysiapoliticspublic policyrefugeesthailandtrafficking