¿Dónde está Sonia?

Jordi Surís , Difusion S.L. , 2005
A reader suitable for students with a lower-intermediate level of Spanish. It is the story of Sonia Robles, a sixteen year-old girl who goes missing on a family holiday to the Mediterranean coast. Includes a vocabulary and exercises at the back.
  • 8-489-34474-4 2468
  • 1 copies
  • B1

52 Semanas y Media - Cómo Enamorarse de Andalucía

José Luis Rodríguez , Junta de Andalucia , 1994
This book goes beyond a simple tourist guide, and offers a detailed look at Andalucia, giving the dates of the year on which certain fiestas or events occur, as well as information on the various landmarks and traditions of the region.
  • 8-488-86200-8 770
  • 1 copies
  • A2 B1

Contemporary Spain

Teresa Lawlor & Mike Rigby , Longman Group UK Ltd , 1998
This book provides an introduction to the political, economic and social developments in Spain since 1939. These topics are covered in separate sections, each of which contains an essay in English followed by an extensive selection of texts in Spanish, as well as language exercises. The Spanish texts have been chosen to illustrate the themes discussed in the essay, to provide the student with a range of authentic styles of written Spanish, and to broaden students' understanding of stylistic and grammatical features of Spanish.
  • 0-582-29422-3 4630
  • 1 copies
  • C1 C2

Costa Rica

Jean McNeil , Sin Fronteras , 2003
A guide in Spanish to this Central American country, from the history of its many Mesoamerican and colonial monuments, to the culture and traditions of its people.
  • 8-466-60796-X 4309
  • 1 copies
  • B2 C1 C2

Descubrir Espana y Latinoamerica

Alberto Casasayas , Cideb Editrice , 2005
  • 9788853004826 8940
  • 1 copies

Diálogos simpáticos

Anthony J. DeNapoli & Stephen L. Levy , National Textbook Company , 1990
This introductory reader features thirty dialogues dealing with a variety of topics that are traditionally part of the beginner's curriculum. High-frequency vocabulary and expressions are used throughout. In addition, grammar reviews help reinforce structures employed in the dialogues and promote mastery of structures needed for self-expression in Spanish. The dialogues are followed by evaluation exercises that check comprehension.
  • 0-844-27560-3 1726
  • 1 copies
  • A1 A2

Dias de Fuego

René Cueto , Tonos Editorial del Caribe , 2007
  • 9789589820605 8943
  • 1 copies

Doce cuentistas españoles de la Posguerra

Adelaide Burns , Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd , 1968
The thirteen stories in this collection, by C. Martín Gaite, R. Sánchez Ferlosio, J. Fernández Santos, Ana Mª Matute and other postbellum Spanish writers reflect the situation in Spain in the aftermath of the Civil War, when a crippled economy and repressive totalitarian government dominated the lives of ordinary Spaniards.
  • 0-174-44672-1 2626
  • 1 copies
  • B2 C1

El flautista de Hamelín

Chacopino & Cubero , , 1993
A rendition of the famous legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, suitable for students with a lower-intermediate level of Spanish.
  • 8-449-20010-5 3150
  • 1 copies
  • A2 B1 B2

El secreto de las flores

Jordi Surìs , Difusion S.L. , 2005
A reader aimed at students with lower-intermediate Spanish. It is the story of Pedro Sanco, a police inspector in Barcelona, and his investigation into a murder at a flower company. Includes a vocabulary and exercises at the back.
  • 8-489-34473-0 2467
  • 1 copies
  • B1

El vecino del quinto

Lourdes Miquel & Neus Sans , Difusion S.L. , 1989
A reader aimed at students with lower-intermediate Spanish. It is the story of a young woman who moves into a block of flats, and her relationships with her neighbours. Includes a vocabulary and exercises at the back.
  • 8-487-09906-8 2470
  • 1 copies
  • B1

ELE 1 - Un poco de todo

Grupo ALCE , Ediciones SM , 1992
The ELE series are collections of texts from various sources that increase in difficulty with each book. This book is aimed at beginners, and includes crosswords, simple articles, recipes and other information on sociocultural aspects of Spain.
  • 8-434-83506-1 1906
  • 1 copies
  • A1

ELE 2 - Valencia y su comunidad

Nick Inman & Clara Villanueva , Ediciones SM , 1992
This book is written for students with a lower-intermediate level of Spanish, and focuses on the autonomous community of Valencia. Each of the articles look at the urban and natural landscapes of Valencia, as well as its history and culture.
  • 8-434-83597-5 2570
  • 1 copies
  • A2 B1

ELE 3 - Así es Madrid

José Luis de los Reyes , Ediciones SM , 1992
The third in the series, this book is aimed at students with an intermediate level of Spanish, and is centred on the Spanish capital, Madrid. The articles cover the history of the city, from the time of Goya to the present day, and give detailed descriptions of the city's most famous landmarks
  • 8-434-83508-8 1907
  • 1 copies
  • B1

Graded Spanish Reader - Segunda etapa

Justo Ulloa & Leonor Álvarez de Ulloa , D. C. Heath and Company , 1987
This book features several contemporary literary pieces that have been modified to make them suitable for intermediate students. Each text is followed by a series of exercises that cover grammatical structures and vocabulary featured in the story.
  • 0-669-11261-5 1904
  • 1 copies
  • B2 C1


L.D. Collier , University of London Press , 1962
This book contains numerous short stories suitable for students with an intermediate level of Spanish. At the back of the book are exercises based on each text, as well as a comprehensive vocabulary.
  • 0-034-00692-1 1728
  • 1 copies
  • B2 C1

Junto a la puerta

René Cueto , Universidad de Córdoba , 2004
  • 9789589729670 8941
  • 1 copies

La chica del tren

Jordi Surìs , Difusion S.L. , 1999
A reader aimed at students with lower-intermediate Spanish. It is the story of Mónica García and the people she meets on her train journey from Madrid to Barcelona. Includes a vocabulary and exercises at the back.
  • 8-489-34472-8 2466
  • 1 copies
  • A2 B1

La cruz del diablo

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer , Universidad de Salamanca y Santillana S.A. , 1991
Bécquer was the most important writer of the Spanish Romantic movement, and the father of modern Castilian poetry. Like all Romantics, he was greatly influenced by the Middle Ages, an age of crusading knights, fair maidens, fearsome Moors, and medieval casltes. This is the setting in "La Cruz del Diablo," where the inhabitants of a small town fight the forces of evil.
  • 0-821-91111-2 4310
  • 1 copies
  • B2 C1 C2

Leyendas de España

Genevieve Barlow & William N. Stivers , Edward Arnold (Publishers) Ltd. , 1980
The sixteen legends in this book have been condensed to a few pages, and are accompanied by useful information on the geography, history, and customs of Spain. Margin notes are included on each page to aid with the most difficult vocabulary. Exercises follow each story, and test vocabulary, grammar points, and comprehension, the latter through multiple-choice questions. A comprehensive vocabulary appears at the end of this book.
  • 0-713-10508-9 578
  • 1 copies
  • A1 A2

Los Reyes Magos

Lourdes Miquel & Neus Sans , Difusion S.L. , 1994
A lower-intermediate reader telling the story of the events leading up to January 6, when Spanish children traditionally receive their presents from the Magi.
  • 8-487-09970-X 1455
  • 1 copies
  • A2 B1

Los turnos: Poesia

René Cueto , Universidad de Córdoba , 1998
  • 9789589491157 8942
  • 1 copies


Benito Pérez Galdós , Universidad de Salamanca y Santillana S.A. , 1991
Galdós was one of the most important writers of the Spanish Realism movement. His work reflects the changing times of the late nineteenth century, when the traditional and progressive elements of modern Spanish society were beginning to clash, and that would eventually lead to civil war. "Marianela," although a love story, is based on the harsh living conditions experienced by miners in the industrial north of Spain.
  • 0-821-91112-0 2572
  • 1 copies
  • B2 C1

Memorias de septiembre

Susana Grande Aguado , Editorial Edinumen , 1997
This book is aimed at students with an intermediate level of Spanish. The story is told by an old lady remembering her life as a little girl. Each page has a vocabulary section in the margin, while exercises based on the text may be found at the back of the book.
  • 8-489-75686-4 801
  • 1 copies
  • B2 C1

Mis cuentos encantados

M. C. Suigne , Hemma , 1988
An illustrated storybook of the most famous fairytales, including Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.
  • 9782800618425 3149
  • 1 copies
  • A2 B1

Paisaje de otoño

Ana Marîa Carretero Gimenéz , Editorial Edinumen , 1997
This book is aimed at students with an intermediate level of Spanish. The story is about a painting, "Paisajes de Otoño," and the man who attempts to steal it from the museum. Each page has a vocabulary section in the margin, while exercises based on the text may be found at the back of the book.
  • 8-489-75683-X 3147
  • 1 copies
  • A2 B1

Parallel Text - Spanish Short Stories 1

Jean Franco , Penguin Group , 1966
The eight short stories in this collection by Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriel García Márquez, Camillo José Cela and other Spanish writers, have been chosen both for their literary merit and for being representative of the contemporary trend in Spanish-American writing. The English translations that are printed in a parallel text are literal rather than literary. This volume is intended primarily to help English-speaking students of Spanish, but the stories also stand on their own and make excellent reading in either language
  • 0-140-02500-6 2494
  • 1 copies
  • B2 C1

Poeta en Nueva York

Federico García Lorca , Editorial Lumen , 1976
The poems in this collection were written by Lorca in 1929-30 during his time at Columbia University, and explore his alienation and isolation through some graphically experimental poetic techniques, making it one of his most famous pieces. The poems are accompanied by a commentary made by Lorca himself.
  • 8-426-42947-5 618
  • 1 copies
  • C1 C2

Primera memoria

Ana María Matute , George G. Harrap & Co Ltd , 1975
This is the story of Matia, as she looks back at her childhood and adolescence. The action takes place on an island during the Civil War, and thus the story follows both the course of the war, and its effects on Matia, her family, friends, and the small island community with whom she lives. Violence, hatred, repression and isolation are characteristic of Matute's work as she explores the effects of the Civil War on the people who fought it, and "Primera Memoria" is among her best-known work.
  • 0-245-52046-5 1905
  • 1 copies
  • C1 C2

Réquiem por un campesino español

Ramón J. Sender , Easy Readers , 1972
A look at rural Spain during the civil war, when a majority of the population still lived in the countryside. The average peasant knew nothing beyond his own village, and his life was dominated by the demands of the arid land, the repressive nature of the Church, the abuses of the Falange militia, and brightened only by the celebrations of the occasional saint's day. Although the text is aimed at students of an intermediate level, the content is relevant to any student wishing to learn more of Spain's modern history.
  • 3-125-61810-X 2188
  • 2 copies
  • B2 C1