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Brian Cox
The universe is almost entirely devoid of life. Earth, the planet we call home, seems to defy the laws of physics. It is teeming with life in all colours, shapes and sizes. No-one knows for sure how many different species are alive right now, our best guess is close to 8.7 million
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A Dictionary of Physics

Daintith, J. , Oxford University Press , 2005
This essential reference work is the most popular paperback dictionary of physics available. It contains over 3,500 clear and concise entries, covering all commonly encountered physics terms and concepts, including terms relating to astronomy and astrophysics, and terms relating to physical chemistry.

Atkins' Molecules

Peter Atkins , Cambridge University Press , 2003
This book gives a non-technical account of an incredible range of aspects of the world around us, with an insight into how this amazing world can be understood in terms of the atoms and molecules from which it is built

Calculations for A-Level Chemistry (4th Ed.)

Ramsden, E. N. , Nelson Thornes Ltd
This work includes a comprehensive mathematics foundation section. Work on formulae and equations, the mole, volumetric analysis and other key areas are included. It can be used as a course book as well as for exam practice.

Chemical Principles - The Quest for Insight

Peter Atkins & Loretta Jones , W. H. Freeman and Company , 2005
This book begins with basic chemical principles such as the behaviour of atoms and molecules, and gradually increases in difficulty such that advanced calculus and complex molar equations are tackled towards the end of the book

Chemistry GCSE Key Stage 4 ( 2nd edition )

Mark McElroy & John Sadler , Longman Group UK Ltd , 2002
This book is a revision guide for GSCE / Key Stage 4 Chemistry, including revision of the laboratory techniques necessary for the practical exam.

Chemistry in Context - Applying Chemistry to Society

Lucy Eubanks & Catherine Middlecamp , McGraw Hill Companies, Inc , 2006
This book aims at establishing chemical principles within a contextual framework of significant social, political, economic, and ethical issues

Chemistry in Context - Laboratory Manual Fifth Edition

Graham Hill & John Holman , Nelson Thornes Ltd , 2001
This book has been updated to match the requirements of the AS and A-level Chemistry specifications. It offers tried and tested practicals with detailed instructions for open-ended investigations

Chemistry in Context Fifth Edition

Graham Hill, John Holman and Graham C Hill , Nelson Thornes , 2000
Chemistry in Context has been completely revised and rewritten to give you a complete, full colour A Level Chemistry course. The excellent presentation and direct language ensures all students will find the text readable and the subject accessible. www.chemistry-in-context.co.uk

Chemistry: An Introduction to Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

Catherine Housecroft & Edwin Constable , Prentice Hall International , 1994
This book provides a comprehensive course text for undergraduates taking introductory Chemistry courses, covering organic, inorganic and physical chemistry components

Complete A-Z Chemistry Handbook

Andrew Hunt , Hodder Arnold H&S , 2000
This title provides a guide to all the key terms within chemistry. It begins with one-sentence definitions and is followed by explanations and examples. It is intended for A level Chemistry students and GNVQ courses with Chemistry included.

Contemporary Chemistry for Schools and Colleges

Vanessa Kind , Royal Society of Chemistry , 2004
This book is intended for those studying GCSE Chemistry, but is also useful for students of Biology and Physics, as the book focuses on the chemical principles central to many areas in molecular physics and molecular biology

Cutting Edge Chemistry

Ted Lister , Royal Society of Chemistry , 2000
This book explores the developments in chemistry during the 20th century and describes some that are likely to happen in the future. Also, the book deals with the chemical aspects of chemistry, such as calculating the properties of molecules and exploring how and why chemical reactions occur

Kitchen Chemistry

Ted Lister , Royal Society of Chemistry , 2005
An interesting look at the role chemistry plays in everyday life, and an introduction to basic organic chemistry. Suitable for those with GCSE level Chemistry

New Understanding Chemistry for Advanced Level

Ted Lister & Janet Renshaw , Nelson Thornes Ltd , 2000
This book provides full coverage of the criteria for AS and A-level Chemistry, and thus is an excellent revision guide. It also provides information on laboratory techniques, mathematical methods and data handling

Teach Yourself 101 Key Ideas - Chemistry

Andrew Scott , Hodder & Stoughton Educational , 2001
This book provides short accounts on 101 key ideas and topics in Chemistry. A useful and interesting introduction to the subject

Why Chemical Reactions Happen

James Keeler & Peter Wothers , Oxford University Press , 2003
This book aims at providing a deeper understanding of chemical reactions by explaining the basics of bonding between molecules, and the conditions and interactions required for a reaction to occur.