Luigi Miraglia , 2008
A video produced by the Accademia Vivarium Novum on its conference "Humanitas: Omnium gentium conventus de humanitate nostra ætate restituenda" celebrated (15-23 July 2007) in Naples, Italy. There feature well know international latinists like Prof. Wilfried Stroh (München, Germany), Prof. Kurt Smolak (Wien, Austria), or Prof. Michael von Albrecht (Heidelberg, Germany), as well as its strenuous organiser Dr. Luigi Miraglia (Montella, Italy). The film is wholly in Latin.
Luigi Miraglia , 2008
A video produced by the Accademia Vivarium Novum on the practical use of Hans H. Ørberg, "Lingua Latina per se illustrata", which is probably the course that has so far most successfully managed to apply the Direct Method to Latin. A group of teachers from several nations show it in practice with a group of Italian secondary school pupils. They illustrate various active exercises pertaining to many different lessons. Latin and Italian are used.
Guy Licoppe , 2005
A Latin comedy set in a Greek village by the sea. It was written by T. Maccius Plautus around -211. It tells the story of a girl who had been working as a slave courtesan but is finally recognised by her father and thus found to be actually free, all thanks to the objects found in a chest one of the old man's servants saved from the shipreck that miraculously brought her to his shores. The comedy was adapted for the screen by Dr. Guy Licoppe at Nieuwpoort (Belgium) by the side of the North Sea, with a cast of Latin speakers and scholars with various accents and acting skills. The film is wholly in Latin.