Progetto Italiano 1 - Livello Elementare - Italian-English Glossary

T. Marin & S. Magnelli , EdiLingua , 2001
This glossary is designed as a supplement to the rest of the Progetto Italiano series, giving a translation of all the words and expressions of both the textbook and coursebook, as well as brief grammar notes the clearly explain the grammar encountered in each unit, simple vocabulary tests of the most important words, and translation exercises from English into Italian
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The Usborne Begginner's Italian Dictionary

Helen Davies & Giovanna Iannaco , Usborne Publishing Ltd , 1991
This Italian dictionary contains over 2000 everyday words and phrases. All entries are grouped thematically so words appear in context. Web sites are added to help with grammar and pronunciation.
  • 0-7460-0764-7 6091
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Vocabolario Visuale - Quaderno degli Esercizi

T. Marin , EdiLingua , 2003
This students' book accompanying the coursebook is also divided into forty chapters and contains simple exercises to test comprehension of the words introduced in the coursebook
  • 9-607-70651-X 3092
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Vocabulario Visuale

T. Marin , EdiLingua , 2003
This book provides an illustrated means to learn over 1,000 commonly used Italian words. The book is divided into forty chapters, each themed on a particular aspect of everyday life, which are full of labelled pictures. The book therefore provides an excellent means for beginners to learn words required in simple conversations
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