Advanced Conversation

Marion Geddes & Gill Sturtridge , Macmillan , 1991
This text contains six units, each divided into two parts: opportunities to communicate, and opportunities to improve pronunciation. The book builds on the learner's present levels of accuracy and fluency and provides practice in reading aloud and interpreting L1 and L2. Practice is given in skills not usually dealt with systematically such as speaking in stressful situations.
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  • C1 C2

Conversation Gambits - Real English Conversation Practices

Keller, E. , Language Teaching Publications , 1988
Designed to be used on its own as a conversation course, or as a teaching resource, this book contains over 60 different activities to teach the language of conversation and discussion. Real English conversation practices provide immediately useful language.
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Effective Presentations

Comfort, J. , Oxford University Press , 1995
An integrated video-and-book course to deal thoroughly with both the language and the wider skills needed to give an effective presentation. * Teaches by example, demonstrating both bad and good ways of givivng a presentation * Classwork (to develop skills and language) provided in the Student's Book * Presentations are analysed stage by stage * Course may also be used a self-study material
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English for Academic Study : Speaking (2nd ed.)

McCormack, J. & Watkins, S. , Garnet
English for Academic Study : Speaking is designed to help students develop the speaking skills they need to participate effectively in academic seminars and discussions. ( Please Ask AT Reception For CD)
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  • B2 C1 C2

Fifty Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills in English

Bob Dignen , Summertown Publishing , 2007
"50 Ways to Improve your Presentation Skills in English"...without too much effort provides a range of quick an easy ways to improve your presentation skills. 50 ways includes modules on planning, making a good start, using multimedia visuals and closing.
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  • B1 B2

Functions of English: Students book

Jones, L. , Cambridge University Press , 1982
Functions of English is for upper-intermediate and more advanced stsudents interested in using language rather than learning more about structure.
  • 0521282497 7375
  • 1 copies
  • B2 C1

Ideas and Issues: Speaking Strategies for Debates and Discussion in English

Lisa Gerard-Sharp , Chancerel International Publishers Ltd , 1994
Ideas & Issues is a Speaking Strategies book for upper-intermediate and advanced students of English.
  • 0905703928 7373
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  • B2 C1 C2

Intermediate Conversation

Marion Geddes & Gill Sturtridge , Macmillan , 1994
Intermediate Conversation is designed for learners at pre-FCE level who have a grasp of the structures of English but who lack the conversational skills.
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  • B1 B2

Presenting in English

Powell, M. , Language Teaching Publications , 1996
Resulting from research into what really makes presentations so successful, this book's approach combines the language and skills needed to give effective presentations. The book is aimed at intermediate to upper intermediate students and employs simple rhetorical techniques. It shows how to deliver complicated subject matter clearly and effectively and employs models for clarifying and dealing with questions. The skills training is step-by-step and the open format allows for personalized input.
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  • B2 C1

Study Speaking (2nd Ed)

Anderson, K.; Maclean, J. & Lynch, T. , Cambridge University Press , 2004
Study Speaking is for intermediate level and above students who need to speak English in connection with their academic work. It is intended primarily for use on language programmes preparing learners of English for study at university or college. Master CD available in LG11
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The Art of Talking to Anyone: Essential People Skills for Success in Any Situation

Rosalie Maggio , McGraw Hill , 2005
Conversation is one of the most decisive factors in our success in business and in life. It\'s also an art anyone can learn with the help of a few simple tips, guidelines and techniques.
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  • B2 C1 C2

The Fine Art of Small Talk

Debra Fine , Judy Piatkus Publishers Ltd , 2005
Communication expert Debra Fine reveals the techniques and strategies anyone can use to make small talk - in any situation. Do you spend an abnormal amount of time hiding in the bathroom or hanging around the buffet table at social gatherings?
  • 0749926740 5760
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  • B2 C1 C2

The Language of Meetings

Goodale, M. , Language Teaching Publications , 1994
This book provides the language necessary to present an argument, ask/express and opinion, agree/disagree, interrupt, question, clarify, support, oppose and persuade.
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