Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

The Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary contains: Hundreds of interactive exercises including exam practice for IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE and BEC. Recordings of every word in British and American English — record your own pronunciation and playback. Unique SMART thesaurus — turns the dictionary into a thesaurus at the click of a button. Extra collocation information and thousands of extra example sentences.

Ease Listening to Lectures

This disc aims to develop students' abilities to listen to, follow, identify key information and arguments and take notes during lectures. The course is designed around 89 high quality video clips from authentic lectures given on a wide range of subjects by various practising lecturers at Warwick University. The video material is exploited through a range of interactive exercise types which include matching, multiple choice, ordering, clicking on hotspots, cloze text and free text writing.

English for Presentations

This course will help you to focus on important aspects of giving a presentation to an audience fellow students and your tutor, a common practice in many universities at both graduate and undergraduate level. (CD required from Assistant)

Phonemic Alphabet

An interactive program designed to teach users to recognise the sounds and letters of the Phonemic Alphabet in English. The users can see and hear how vowel and consonant sounds and words are formed, test their ability to recognise sounds and words, test their transcription skills, test their ability to match words with their vowel /consonant components and record and compare items.

Similar Sounds

An interactive program designed to improve the user's ability to differentiate between similar-sounding sets of words, both in isolation and in sentences. The program, which covers 24 sound sets (12 vowel, 12 consonant), has a make-your-own-test feature, and includes a comprehensive reference point for each sound set and a record yourself tool.

Study Skills Success

Study Skills Success is for all students in upper secondary and higher education who wish to improve their academic study skills. The program also helps students prepare for IELTS and TOEFL. It has been globally adopted by the British Council. The eight units of Study Skills Success are: reading, writing, speaking, listening, research, visuals, grammar and vocabulary. Each unit begins with presentation and input activities and progresses to practice exercises, and most units include extension activities on the integrated website at www.StudySkillsSuccess.com

The Rat

This CD ROM is a comprehensive teaching and learning resource that provides a detailed study of the functional relationship between organ systems in the rat. It has been designed to improve students overall understanding of anatomy and physiology in mammals from gross morphology to microscopic detail. It also allows students to explore biological features of evolutionary significance that determine the position of mammals and other classes within the vertebrate kingdom. (CD required from Assistant)

Who is Oscar Lake?

Oscar Lake plunges you directly into a foreign city where you must solve a puzzling mystery in a new language. Experts agree that language immersion is the most effective way to learn a second language, and with Oscar Lake you learn by hearing, seeing and doing. And because you interact directly with all the characters you meet, you control the pace of the story, the speed of the learning and even the outcome of the game. Needs CD