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Documentary commemorating the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's March on Washington, a pivotal moment in the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. This programme tells the story of the how the march for jobs and freedom began, speaking to the people who organised and participated in it.
civil rightshistorypoliticsprotestracism
Narrated by David Morrissey, this programme shows all sides of the real experiences of migrants in 21st century Britain and the challenges they face in arriving and surviving here. Meet the Immigrants also reflects the ongoing national debate on Immigration and explores the common themes - industrious newcomers performing unskilled jobs that Britons won’t do or opportunists in search of an easy life, attracted by the UK’s flexible laws and systems
britainimmigrationlawnational identitypoliticspublic policyraceracism
Channel 4
The incredible story of how Rupert Murdoch used celebrity scandal to bankroll his expanding media empire, before scandal ultimately engulfed the News of the World itself.Jacques Peretti talks to everyone from Hugh Grant to Murdoch insiders to find out how the world of celebrities, cops and politicians first cosied up with, and then turned against, the world\'s most powerful media mogul.
media studiesmurdochnews valuesphone hackingpressscandal
Channel 4
The team behind the Nobel Peace Prize-nominated Sri Lanka's Killing Fields tell the story of the 138-day-long final offensive in Sri Lanka's bloody civil war
civil warpoliticssri lankaviolencewar
David Patrikarakos
In the midst of a turbulent post Arab-spring Middle East, Israel's threats of military strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities have raised fears of a confrontation between the two countries. This film, which has obtained exclusive access to Israeli theoretical war exercises, provides unprecedented insight into Israel's internal tensions concerning an attack between Israel and Iran which, if escalates, could have major implications for global stability.
conflictiranisraelmiddle eastnuclear weaponpoliticspublic policywar
Samanatha Anstiss
Clive Myrie traces the life story of Barack Obama, America's first black president.From Obama's broken home childhood in Hawaii, through his political awakening in the rough neighbourhoods of Chicago, to his arrival in Washington, Myrie follows the extraordinary journey that transformed the son of a Kenyan student into the most powerful man in the world.
biographyhistoryobamapoliticspublic policyusa
This episode sees Stephen visit Brazil, home to the largest gay pride celebration in the world and a place that has some of the best legislation on the planet for gay equality.
gay rightspoliticspublic policysocietytransgender
Nick Griffin's British National Party, already under investigation for breaches of electoral law, is facing fresh allegations of corruption. Panorama uncovers new evidence of financial documents being falsified and fabricated in order to deceive the Elect
Two months after an explosion on BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico killed 11 people, Panorama's Hilary Andersson tells the story of America's 'greatest environmental disaster.' Dubbed an environmental '9/11' by President Obama, the leak caused by the explosion is still releasing thousands of barrels of crude oil a day into the waters of the Gulf.
bpdisasterdisastersenvironmentenvironmental disastersfossil fuelsoilpolitics
Panorama goes undercover inside Azerbaijan, the host country of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, to discover the extraordinary truth about this secretive country and its approach to the world's most watched non-sporting event.
azerbaijaneurovisionhuman rightsmediamusicpoliticspublic policy
Panorama investigates corruption allegations against some of the Fifa officials who will vote on England's World Cup bid. Reporter Andrew Jennings exposes new evidence of bribery, and accuses some executives of taking kickbacks. He also uncovers the secret agreements that could guarantee Fifa a financial bonanza if England hosts the World Cup.
At least 34 teenagers were stabbed to death last year in the UK. In just a decade, the number sentenced for carrying a knife has risen ten-fold. So why are so many of Britain's youngsters arming themselves with knives? And why do some kill?
crimejuvenile crimepolicy challengespoliticspublic policyviolenceyouth
It's the ultimate failed state - a land of war, banditry and piracy. And after Bin Laden's death, its civil war with Islamist extremists has gained even greater importance to the West. But what is it like to live in the anarchy of Somalia?
africacivil warconflictpoliticspublic policysomaliawar
For the last 14 days, the world has watched as hundreds of thousands of Egyptians have thronged the streets to protest - and then battle it out - in a popular uprising against the 30-year-old regime of President Mubarak.
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Abortion is more controversial than ever, with pro-life activists challenging pregnant women as they try to enter clinics. Doctors in most of the UK are signing off terminations on questionable mental health grounds, while in Northern Ireland women and doctors risk life in prison over abortion. So is our legislation hopelessly outdated?
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