Deutsche Handelskorrespondenz - Der Briefwechsel in Export und Import

Rudolf Sachs , Hueber , 1991
Informative book focussing on business exchange, primarily in export and import, in letters and memos. Can help learners to write and answer letters but also gives information on the specifics of German business culture. Contains a glossary of relevant terms and German-English-French-Italian-Spanish word list. 1991
  • 3-190-01497-3 1714
  • 1 copies
  • C1 C2

Easy German Crossword Puzzles

Suzanne Ehrlich , Passport Books , 1990
Contains 24 German crossword puzzles on a variety of topics related to activities and concerns of daily life. Entertaining and useful way of testing and expanding your vocabulary. With solutions. 1991.
  • 0-844-22508-8 2113
  • 1 copies
  • B1 B2 C1 C2

Englisch schimpfen

Klaus Humann , Eichborn , 1991
Collection of colloquial phrases translated from German to English. NB: Strong language, often rude or insulting. 1991.
  • 3-821-81968-5 1680
  • 1 copies
  • A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

German Culture and Society: The Essential Glossary

Holger Briel (Ed.) , Arnold (Hodder) , 2002
This book offers and introduction to German culture and society and a route-map to further study. Designed specifically with undergraduates in mind, it contains concise and accessible explanations of the essential issues, events and concepts in Germany since 1920. (NB. In English)
  • 9780340763957 108431
  • 1 copies
  • A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

The Usborne Beginner's German Dictionary

Helen Davies , Usborne Publishing Ltd , 2003
Colourful, humourously illustrated dictionary devised to make language learning easy and fun. Contains ca. 2000 contextualised everyday words and phrases, grouped thematically and illustrated with amusing pictures and busy scenes. Includes simple guide to grammar. Alphabetical English wordlist with translations at the back of the book.
  • 0-746-00018-9 2295
  • 1 copies
  • A1