Choosing Your Degree Course and University

Brian Heap , University of Salford , 2008
  • 9781844551576 101438
  • 1 copies

Degree Course Descriptions

John Mainstone & Ken Reynolds , Cambridge Occupational Analysts , 2007
Descriptions of degree courses written by heads of departments and senior lecturers at major universities. Each description contains: a wide-ranging overview of the course area; details of typical course structures; career opportunities for graduates; recommended reading; and website links.
  • 9780955054150 9100
  • 1 copies

Getting into the UK's Best Universities & Courses

Beryl Dixon , Trotman Publishing , 2008
What are the UK's best universities and courses? How do you win a place on the most highly rated courses? With over half a million students now applying to university every year the competition is fierce, so if you set you goals high and dream of studying on a highly regarded course at a good university, this book is for you.
  • 9781844551798 10026
  • 1 copies

Law 4th Edition (For entry to university and college in 2009)

UCAS , UCAS , 2008
This book helps you with the process of applying to study law at university of college.
  • 9781843610946 10024
  • 1 copies

Open Days 2010

UCAS , UCAS , 2009
"Open Days" is the definitive guide to university and college events that give students the opportunity to experience higher education before they decide on where to make an application.
  • 9781843611332 9110
  • 2 copies

The PhD Application Handbook

Peter J. Bentley , Open University Press , 2006
"The PhD Application Handbook" is the first comprehensive handbook for people wishing to apply for a PhD in the UK. It provides a step-by-step guide to PhDs, explaining: what a PhD is; how to apply for your PhD; how to find the right university, supervisor and project.
  • 335219527 9102
  • 1 copies

The Postgraduate's Companion

Gerard Hall & Jo Longman , Sage Publications Ltd , 2008
"The Postgraduate's Companion" is the most comprehensive, practical and accessible source of support and guidance for anyone contemplating starting, or already undertaking, their research degree.
  • 9781412930260 9106
  • 1 copies

The Times Good University Guide 2010

John O'Leary , Times Books , 2009
Features the latest league tables on more than 60 subject areas, plus guidance on course selection, university profiles, application, fees, accommodation and more.
  • 9780007313488 10030
  • 1 copies

Top Universities Guide

Nunzio Quacquarelli, John O'Leary & Martin Ince , Quacquarelli Symonds Ltd , 2009
"Top Universities Guide" includes everything you need to know about studying at a top university, at home or abroad. This updated edition includes profiles of the top 100 universities worldwide, and advice on how to make a successful university application.
  • 9780955815713 9098
  • 1 copies

University Interview Guide 2nd Edition

Andy Gardner & Barbara Hamnett , JFS School , 2009
This unique new book offers invaluable information to sixth-formers, their teachers and higher-education advisers as students prepare for university interviews. It is an important resource, built up over many years, based on the real-life interview experiences of sixth-formers at JFS School in London. The information they provided has been assembled into an A-Z of more than eighty university degree courses, each with subject-specific advice and sample interview questions. The book also provides detailed advice on preparing for interviews generally.
  • 9780954824518 9108
  • 1 copies

What About Law? Studying Law at University

Catherine Barnard, Janet O'Sullivan, & Graham Virgo , Hart Publishing , 2007
"What About Law?" counters the perception that law is a dry, dull subject. On the contrary, it shows how the study of law can be fun, intellectually stimulating, challenging and of direct relevance to students. Using a case study approach, the book introduces prospective law students to the legal system, as well as to legal reasoning, critical thinking, and argument.
  • 9781841136325 9104
  • 1 copies