3000 Solved Problems in Calculus

Elliot Mendelson , McGraw Hill Companies, Inc , 1988
This is a collection of a very wide range of solved problems covering elementary and intermediate calculus. It is best used as extra practice, in addition to a course textbook.
  • 0-070-41523-4 1070
  • 1 copies

A Dictionary of Physics

Daintith, J. , Oxford University Press , 2005
This essential reference work is the most popular paperback dictionary of physics available. It contains over 3,500 clear and concise entries, covering all commonly encountered physics terms and concepts, including terms relating to astronomy and astrophysics, and terms relating to physical chemistry.
  • 978-1845292843 8559
  • 3 copies

A2 Level Biology

Phil Bradfield, John Dodds, Judy Dodds & Norma Taylor , Pearson Education Ltd , 2002
This book is designed to ensure successful progression from GCSE and success in AS and A Level Biology. This course meets the requirements of all the specifications for AS/A Level Biology
  • 0-582-42945-5 982
  • 1 copies

Advanced Biology

Michael Kent , OUP Oxford , 2000
Written by an experienced author and teacher of students with a wide range of abilities, Advanced Biology will spark interest and motivate A-Level students. Questions are presented in two styles, 'Quick Check' and 'Food for Thought', to give opportunities to practise both recall and analytical skills. 'Fact of Life' boxes on spreads also encourage discovery by providing interesting and thought-provoking aspects of biology. Key Points: · Important terms are highlighted · Full colour illustrations · Graduated questions to practise recall and analytical skills
  • 9780199141951 104870
  • 1 copies

Advanced Biology

Mary Jones & Geoff Jones , Cambridge University Press , 1997
This book provides an accessible yet thorough approach and is ideal for students who have come to Advanced-Level Biology from a GCSE balanced science background
  • 0-521-48473-1 150
  • 1 copies

Advanced Biology

Michael Roberts, Michael Reiss & Grace Monger , Nelson 2000 , 2000
This book covers AS and A-level Biology and Human Biology specifications. It provides clear, well-illustrated information, which helps develop a full understanding of biological structure and function
  • 0-174-38732-6 980
  • 1 copies

Advanced Biology for You

Gareth Williams , Nelson Thornes Ltd , 2000
The book is designed for those studying AS or A2 Biology. The topics are laid out with clearly highlighted key points, and are supplemented by many examples and questions. There is also additional information on revision and examination techniques and practical skills
  • 0-748-75298-6 155
  • 1 copies

Advanced Calculus - 2nd Edition

Robert C. Wrede & Murray Spiegel , McGraw Hill Companies, Inc , 2002
This book presents information in a logical and succinct format without the unnecessary jargon. All the principles of advanced calculus are covered with detailed examples and exercises included
  • 0-071-37567-8 2500
  • 1 copies

Advanced Physics

Steve Adams & Johnathan Alladay , Oxford University Press , 2000
AS and A level specifications AQA OCR Edexel WJEC and CCEA. You can use the website www.oup.com/uk/sciencegrids to tailor your use of the bok to your particular specification
  • 978-0-19-914682 7348
  • 2 copies

An Imaginary Tale - The Story of the Square Root of Minus One

Paul J. Nahin , Princeton University Press , 1998
In this book, Paul Nahin tells the 2000-year-old history of one of Mathematics' most elusive numbers: the square root of minus one, also known as i, re-creating the baffling mathematical problems that conjured it up and colourful characters who tried to solve them.
  • 0-691-02795-1 1073
  • 1 copies

An Introduction to Quantum Physics

A.P. French & Edwin F. Taylor , Nelson Thornes Ltd , 1979
This book covers the fundamentals of quantum physics through the full Coulomb theory of the hydrogen atom. A semi-quantitative analysis of the helium atom, and a qualitative description of the build up of the periodic table, ending with a brief discussion of radiation by atoms.
  • 0-748-74078-3 636
  • 1 copies


Caroline M. Pond , The Open University , 2001
This book provides an introduction to the animal kingdom with emphasis on arthropods, parasites and vertebrates. It examines the dichotomy between the enormous structural and ecological diversity of animals and the similarity of their genes and biochemical pathways as revealed by molecular biology. The practical applications of animal diversity to medical and agriculatural problems are emphasized.
  • 0749218706 985
  • 1 copies

AS Level Biology

Phil Bradfield, John Dodds, Judy Dodds & Norma Taylor , Pearson Education Ltd , 2001
This is the first book in a two-text course written to ensure successful progression from GCSE level to AS level Biology. This course is designed for the specifications of Edexcel and OCR, but is suitable as a reference book for all Biology students
  • 0-582-42946-3 981
  • 1 copies

Atkins' Molecules

Peter Atkins , Cambridge University Press , 2003
This book gives a non-technical account of an incredible range of aspects of the world around us, with an insight into how this amazing world can be understood in terms of the atoms and molecules from which it is built
  • 0-521-53536-0 1051
  • 1 copies

Biological Science 1 - Organisms, Energy and Environment

D.J. Taylor, N.P.O. Green & G.W. Stout , Cambridge University Press , 1997
The text has been completely revised and updated to provide comprehensive coverage of all the major biology syllabuses at Advanced level. It is also suitable for first-year students in higher education.
  • 0-521-56721-1 151
  • 1 copies

Biological Science 2 - 3rd Edition

D.J. Taylor, N.P.O. Green & G.W. Stout , Cambridge University Press , 1997
The text has been completely revised and updated to provide comprehensive coverage of all the major biology syllabuses at A- level. It is also suitable for first-year students in higher education.
  • 0-521-56720-3 153
  • 1 copies


Mike Boyle & Kathryn Senior , HarperCollins Publishers , 2002
Building on the first edition, Collins Advanced Science: Biology is an accessible textbook, comprehensively covering all of the main AS and A2 Specifications. It is an ideal resource for class or independent study.
  • 0-007-13600-5 149
  • 1 copies

Biology - 2 Edition

Ann Fulick , Heinemann Educational Publishers , 2000
This book covers both the core and option modules in all advanced level biology AS and A level syllabuses. It has an accesible and clear approach and has been written specifically for students coming to A level from a background of double science at GCSE.
  • 0-435-57095-1 915
  • 2 copies

Biology - Seventh Edition

Neil Campbell & Jane Reece , Pearson Education Ltd , 2005
A special international edition of an established title widely used by colleges and universities throughout the world.
  • 0-321-26984-5 781
  • 1 copies

Biology for Advanced Level Course Study Guide

Glenn & Susan Toole , Stanley Thornes Publishers Ltd , 1999
This book is designed to complent New Understanding Bilogy for Advanced Level and can be used with any other crer textbook for AS- and A-level biolgy as well.
  • 0-748-73963-7 3916
  • 1 copies
  • C1 C2

Calculations for A-Level Chemistry (4th Ed.)

Ramsden, E. N. , Nelson Thornes Ltd
This work includes a comprehensive mathematics foundation section. Work on formulae and equations, the mole, volumetric analysis and other key areas are included. It can be used as a course book as well as for exam practice.
  • 0-748-75839-9 1050
  • 1 copies

Calculations for A-level Physics (4th edition)

T. L. Lowe. J.F.Rounce , Oxford University Press , 2002
This comprehensive guide gives thorough explanations, worked examples and plenty of practice in physics calculations.
  • 978-07487-67489 7349
  • 1 copies

Chemical Principles - The Quest for Insight

Peter Atkins & Loretta Jones , W. H. Freeman and Company , 2005
This book begins with basic chemical principles such as the behaviour of atoms and molecules, and gradually increases in difficulty such that advanced calculus and complex molar equations are tackled towards the end of the book
  • 0-716-75701-X 774
  • 1 copies

Chemistry GCSE Key Stage 4 ( 2nd edition )

Mark McElroy & John Sadler , Longman Group UK Ltd , 2002
This book is a revision guide for GSCE / Key Stage 4 Chemistry, including revision of the laboratory techniques necessary for the practical exam.
  • 0-582-23773-4 776
  • 1 copies

Chemistry in Context - Applying Chemistry to Society

Lucy Eubanks & Catherine Middlecamp , McGraw Hill Companies, Inc , 2006
This book aims at establishing chemical principles within a contextual framework of significant social, political, economic, and ethical issues
  • 0-071-11534-X 443
  • 1 copies

Chemistry in Context - Laboratory Manual Fifth Edition

Graham Hill & John Holman , Nelson Thornes Ltd , 2001
This book has been updated to match the requirements of the AS and A-level Chemistry specifications. It offers tried and tested practicals with detailed instructions for open-ended investigations
  • 0174483074 4217
  • 1 copies

Chemistry in Context Fifth Edition

Graham Hill, John Holman and Graham C Hill , Nelson Thornes , 2000
Chemistry in Context has been completely revised and rewritten to give you a complete, full colour A Level Chemistry course. The excellent presentation and direct language ensures all students will find the text readable and the subject accessible. www.chemistry-in-context.co.uk
  • 0174482760 104868
  • 1 copies

Chemistry: An Introduction to Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

Catherine Housecroft & Edwin Constable , Prentice Hall International , 1994
This book provides a comprehensive course text for undergraduates taking introductory Chemistry courses, covering organic, inorganic and physical chemistry components
  • 0-130-86924-4 1049
  • 1 copies

Complete A-Z Chemistry Handbook

Andrew Hunt , Hodder Arnold H&S , 2000
This title provides a guide to all the key terms within chemistry. It begins with one-sentence definitions and is followed by explanations and examples. It is intended for A level Chemistry students and GNVQ courses with Chemistry included.
  • 978-0340772188 8933
  • 1 copies

Complex Numbers Made Simple

Verity Carr , Made Simple , 1996
  • 9602
  • 1 copies