Is Human Evolution Over?


Steve Jones is Professor of Genetics and Head of the Biology Department at UCL. He has also been involved with the media, largely in presenting scientific work but also in a more general context. He has appeared on BBC Radio on more than two hundred occasions. He gave the 1991 Reith Lectures on "The Language of the Genes" and has since then written and presented a long-running Radio 3 series on science and the arts, "Blue Skies", and a six-part TV series on human genetics, "In the Blood"; broadcast in 1996. He has also appeared in various other TV programmes, from Question Time to Late Review to Newsnight. In addition he has written extensively in the press on scientific issues and has a regular column in The Daily Telegraph - "View from the Lab".

About this lecture:

Plenty of people are surviving who once did not, or are having children when once they would have stayed celibate, and medicine can now offer treatment for many with damaged genes that can then be passed on. Many people are worried about what this might do to future generations. Professor Steve Jones, UCL Genetics, Evolution and Environment, will argue that everything we know about the process of evolution tells us that - at least in the developed world, and at least for the time being - human evolution has slowed down or stopped.

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