The Social Brain

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Before you watch the lecture, it is important that you understand 10 key words. For each of the definitions below, choose the correct word.

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1. A factor, thing or element involving the possibility of suffering harm, loss, or danger.

risk setback
misfortune threat

2. The name of the developmental stage between the ages of 11-14 in girls and 13-16 in boys, in which an individual becomes physiologically capable of sexual reproduction.

teenage puberty
adolescence juvenility

3. To produce, create or bring something into existence.

liberate generate
initiate propagate

4. The small junction across which a nerve impulse passes from one nerve cell to another nerve cell, a muscle cell, or a gland cell.

syntax synthesis
synthesizer synapse

5. An individual who is going through the transitional period of physical and psychological development that occurs between youth and adulthood.

a juvenile a minor
an adolescent an infant

6. To consider as resulting from or belonging to a person or thing.

attribute detect
evaluate distinguish

7. The outer layer of any organ or part, such as the grey matter that covers the brain.

hemisphere convex
cerebrum cortex

8. To reduce or remove part of something to improve shape or growth, because it is not needed or unwanted.

eliminate shape
prune snip

9. A purpose, goal, objective or aim that guides action.

intention idea
scheme determination

10. A cell of the nervous system that is specialized to conduct nerve impulses.

neurosis membrane
axon neuron


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