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Before you watch the lecture, it is important that you understand some key words. For each definition, choose the correct word below.

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1. The scientific study of the way in which the bodies of living organisms work.

biology anatomy
physiology cardiology

2. Another word for great height.

latitude magnitude
altitude longitude

3. A severe and life threatening illness.

chronic critical
terminal ongoing

4. Something added, especially to make up for a deficiency.

enhancement complement
reinforcement supplement

5. An organelle within which oxygen is used to produce ATP, a substance which is essential to all transfer of energy within the body.

mitochondrion haemoglobin
hypoxia metabolism

6. The medical term for low oxygen levels.

metabolism hypoxia
haemoglobin mitochondrion

7. To respond physiologically to changes in environmental factors.

regulate convert
acclimatise modify

8. Of an illness or situation that quickly becomes very severe.

acute spontaneous
chronic extreme

9. A number, amount or situation which can change (in an experiment).

item control
variable subject

10. A person or thing used as a standard of comparison for checking the results of an experiment.

variable standardiser
subject control


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