The New Biology of Ageing

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Before you watch the lecture, it is important that you understand 10 key words. For each of the definitions below, choose the most appropriate word.

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1. The length of time that a person or animal lives or is expected to live.

a duration a lifespan
an era a period

2. A section of DNA in a cell that carries information about a living thing passed on from its parents.

an enzyme a hormone
a gene a protein

3. A change in the genes of a plant or animal that causes it to become different from others of its type.

an evolution a revolution
a mutation a transformation

4. A situation where you can only have one of two things, or the degree to which you can have both.

a bargain a paradox
a dichotomy a trade-off

5. A substance produced in your body that controls the level of sugar in your blood.

adrenalin insulin
dopamine serotonin

6. A connection or relationship between two or more things that is not caused by chance.

an affirmation a coincidence
a coalition a correlation

7. A particular quality or characteristic of something.

a norm a theme
a routine a trait

8. The way that a particular disease develops in someone or the disease itself (including age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s).

a bacterium a relapse
a pathology a symptom

9. A route, formed by a chain of nerve cells, along which impulses of a particular kind usually travel.

a dual carriageway a pathway
a highway a slipway

10. To improve something, or to make a problem less severe.

alter deteriorate
ameliorate restructure


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