The UCL Lunch Hour Lectures are a series of Lectures presented by highly-respected academics and researchers at UCL on a number of topical subjects.

Below are exercises based on some of these lectures. Click on a subject that you are interested in. You will find more information about the lecture to help you decide whether to try the exercise.

Britain Today: Born black, White or Brown - Does it Really Matter?

Baani Singh

Energy and Climate

Phillip Ryle

Is Human Evolution Over?

Ian Newby, Rhod Fiorini

Living buildings: Towards sustainable cities

Ian Newby

Physiology on top of the world: Xtreme Everest

Svava Skuladottir

Redefining Normality

Jane Blackwell

The Future of Brazil

Anderw Dobbie

The New Biology of Ageing

Andrew Dobbie

The Northern Utopia: what is distinctive about the Nordic countries?

Baani Singh

The Social Brain

Baani Singh

Wet Dreams: making Urban Water systems sustainable

Philip Ryle

What does London owe to slavery?

Philip Ryle